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Destination weddings in Bulgaria’s most beautiful locations

Are you dreaming about trendy, romantic, beautiful and cheap destination wedding? Come to Bulgaria and make your dreams come true. Majestic mountains, Sandy beaches, wide and fascinating fields are waiting for you! Celebrate your special day at historic places, enjoy Bulgarian food, meet local tradition! No matter if you like to visit Black Sea or the mountains of Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and the Rhodopes, spa resorts or big cities like Sofia, there are many places to discover and celebrate your wedding! We offer you professional service productions specialized in creation and coordination of luxury and exclusive weddings in Bulgaria.

Every wedding is a special event, but a destination wedding is a unique adventure. After all, instead of climbing into a limo for a ride to local reception hall, you’re boarding a plane. There’s no pedestrian rehearsal dinner for your wedding party, you have three days or less with your guests to enjoy the pre-wedding activities, from golf to sightseeing tours to dinners on the sand.

Why wedding in Bulgaria?
  • It’s a budget destination;
  • It’s trendy;
  • It’s beautiful;
  • It’s different;
  • It’s special and your friends don’t have;
  • It’s an unforgettable wedding and holiday for you and your guests.
How to plan a wedding away from home?

The first step in planning your fantasy destination wedding is to start visualizing your event. Are you thinking thirty guests or two hundred? These first factors – the who, what, when, where and how much – will drive all of your planning decisions.

When you are planning a wedding away from home a lot of questions will arise and often language barriers are playing a role. We speak fluent English and will help you to make your wedding dreams in Bulgaria come true. Your time is precious and we know that! You need the perfect people to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Hiring WEDDING CAFÉ as your event planner, allows you to fully enjoy your event with no stress. We are there for you – we follow each and every detail for you.

Each wedding organized by us, comes out with your unique style and point of view. We are always hidden behind the curtains. However, from the selection of your supplier, to accompanying your last guest, we are there for you, to create the day of your dreams.

Since there is no one common formula for the organization of a wedding, we offer you a wide range of standalone services and/or packaged services, which can be tailored for each event. We encourage you to contact us via phone or mail for more information or to come for a personal consultation so you find out why our proposition is different. The first meeting aims at clarifying your event ideas and at picturing it as per your particular dreams and ideas.

Our goal always has been to not only provide exceptional service and make couples feel at ease, but also to provide a truly personal experience from beginning to end. We still individually arrange all weddings and did not jump on the mass market of destination weddings. Our packages are custom arranged and researched and many of the locations we feature are unique.

Traditional wedding

Bulgarian wedding traditions and rituals are remarkable for their festive spirit and their detail and variety, compared to all other family traditions. The prenuptial cycle includes a number of traditions and several rituals aiming at the choice of an appropriate bride and making preparations for the wedding. Both families prepare for the ceremony together and separately, and have invited guests. Each stage of the wedding ceremony has its own significance and is performed by a particular person. The wedding preparation also includes the combing and plaiting of the bride’s hair. It is only performed by girls. The combing and plaiting rite is accompanied by singing specially dedicated songs. Its corresponding ritual is the shaving of the groom. The shaving ritual is very popular in the whole country. Even if the groom is a young boy and has no need for shaving, he is still shaved. The ritual is performed by a boy or by the groom’s brother. The dressing up and veiling of the bride are performed before leading her away from her father’s home. The bride should be dressed up in all her finery and the groom is not supposed to see his future bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. According to Bulgarian wedding customs the bride should wear some red color on her bridal veil against adversity in her married life; this can only be a small band or even some faux pearls attached to the veil.

The wedding guests usually find the gates closed when they come to take the bride from her home .

To be admitted to the bride’s rooms, the groom and the groom’s brother are required to pay a “ransom”. The bride’s girlfriends would not let them in until they make a good enough offer for the bride’s ‘ransom. By tradition, the bride’s mother, the sponsor at the wedding, and other close relatives to throw millet, wheat, walnuts, and coins at the newlyweds, thus symbolically wishing them “fertility and wellbeing”.

Traditional Bulgarian folk dances and rituals are always a part of a modern wedding in Bulgaria. Here are some of them when the newlyweds come into the party venue:

Walking on the white cloth
The white hand-woven cloth is laid on the ground as the newly married couple walks in together as a family to express its hope for a bright and happy future. The flowers symbolize health, happiness and purity in their life together.

Welcome by the groom’s mother
In old Bulgarian tradition, the newlyweds are first welcomed by the mother of the groom. This tradition symbolizes the acceptance of the new family as an independent union. She feeds both the groom and the bride with a bread freshly baked, round bread. The first piece of bread is always salty as the difficulties that will arise in the family life of the young couple. The second piece of bread, however, is dipped in honey to remind the newlyweds of the delights they will share in the future. The best man and maid of honor of the wedding in Bulgaria also get a piece from the traditional round bread first with salt and then with honey. They should remember to accompany the married couple in their hard times as well as in their good times.

The first toast
Glasses filled with champagne are lifted in the air to celebrate the new family. Both the bride and the groom must finish the champagne so there are no sorrows and tears in their life together. This toast is usually followed by a loud applaud and a roar of “gorchivo”. “Gorchivo” in Bulgarian means “bitter” – everybody shouts “gorchivo” loudly to invite the couple for the first kiss that will sweeten the bitter taste of the champagne. “Gorchivo” is repeatedly heard throughout the night and every time someone says it – it is a sign for another kiss.

A blessing for children
Bulgarians do have a lot of traditions…. Before the bride and the groom are seated, the bride has an important task to do. The tradition says that the bride has to kick a little copper pot that holds two flowers, a red and a white. According to the tradition, if the first flower that rolls out of the pot after the bride kicks it is red, the new family will likely have a baby girl as a first child. If the white flower rolls out first, it signifies a baby boy.

Dance with cake and chicken
A fast Bulgarian dance “rachiniza” that expresses the bride and groom’s appreciation of the best man and maid of honor for their support and help. The dance is led by traditional dancers and continues until the best man and the maid of honor get up and dance along. The best man and maid of honor will receive the cake and chicken once they have danced hard enough to earn their gift of appreciation.

Who will be the boss in the family?
Sometime during the ceremony the bride and the groom will participate in another ritual of the wedding in Bulgaria. They will be called to the dance floor and will be given a baked round bread that they have to break in two parts. Faced back to back, the bride and the groom try to break the bread above their heads. Whoever gets the bigger piece will have the biggest role in the new family.